Best treadmill for home use in India 2021

Best treadmill India for home: In the town of too many diseases because of unhealthy diet and activity and have no time for walking or running in the park then You are the right places where we select and Review some Top selling best treadmill India for home use for you which can save your money as well as make you healthy in your busy life scheduled.

If you don’t have too much time to read the full article just check the below table of top-rated treadmills which are now selling in India otherwise you can read full articles for more details of the best treadmill in India.

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Quick information

best treadmill india for home

Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP

  • Motor  : 2.5 HP

  • Easy folding

  • LCD display- time, speed, calories burned, heart rate monitoring, MP3 Speakers etc

  • 3-year frame warranty & 1-year motor warranty

best treadmill india for home

Fitkit FT100 Series

  • Motor: 1.75HP

  • Easy Foldable & Transportation

  • LCD display

  • 3 years frame warranty & 1 one years motor warranty

best treadmill india for home

MAXPRO PTM405 Treadmill

  • Motor 2 Hp

  • Hydraulic Folding

  • Life time Frame warranty & 1 years motor parts warranty

best treadmill india for home

PowerMax Manual Treadmill

  • Max user weight 120 kg

  • LCD Display - Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart rate

  • Lifetime frame warranty and 1-year parts and labor warranty

best treadmill india for home
Cockatoo Multi-Function Treadmill
  • 1.25 HP motor

  • LCD display, pulse rate sensor, easy movable

  • Max 90kg user weight and 0.9km/hr to 9 km/hr speed accelaration

best treadmill india for home
Durafit Heavy Hike treadmill
  • 2.5 Hp motor 

  • Lifetiem warranty on frame and 3 years warranty on parts

  • LCD display, max user weight 90kg to 120kg

  • Speed control upto 16km/hr

best treadmill india for home

Healthgenie Motorized Treadmill

  • 1 Hp moptor

  • LCD display, max user weight 100kg, speed upto 0.8km/hr to 10km/hr

  • 3 years warranty on frame and 1 years warrabty on motor

best treadmill india for home

Fitplus Motorized Treadmill

  • 3 HP powerful motor

  • LCD display, 110 kg user weight, speed up to 16km/hr

  • 3 Years warranty on frame, 1 year on motor, alexa controled, fitness tracker 

best treadmill india for home

Welcare Elderly Treadmil

  • 1.75 Hp powerful motor

  • LCD display, speed 0.3km/hr to 6km/hr

  • Perfect for old age people

1. Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP motorized treadmill

best treadmill india for home
FITKIT FT 200 tradmills

Fitkit FT 200 treadmill is one of the best treadmills in India which highest rated in the category that’s why it captures the first number of our list.

It comes with doctor consultant 3 months free diet plan which is given by Fitness trainer.

Some of its unique features make it high rated product is the latest technology like its connected with an app that is available on the Apple app store as well as googles play store.

Which track your daily workout as well as you also connect them with Samsung Health, Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, Amazon Alexa

Fitkit FT 200 treadmill has Running surface of (l x w) – 48 x 16.53 inches, 1240 x 420mm, and 110 kg user capacity with a Speed range of 1 to 16 km/hr. along with heart rate sensors on handlebars.

  • Wheel for transportation, auto lubrication, cooling fan
  • 3 years warranty
  • Alexa enabled to controlled treadmill
  • Installed loud Music speaker
  • Cooling fan
  • Little heavy console
  • 1 years warranty on parts

2. Fitkit FT100 Series 1.75HP (3.25HP Peak)

best treadmill india for home
Fitkit ft 100 series Treadmill

In our list of best treadmill in India for home use, the second number also comes from the Fitkit brand which has 1.75 Hp motor that goes up to a peak of 3.25 hp.

This treadmill also comes with free three months diet and Fitness plan as well as some unique Feature like just install Ftplus (F+) Android application to track your daily workout

The treadmill has an 1143 X 419 mm wide spacious, anti-skid running board and can also be folded when not in use.

This treadmill has some features like an attractive LCD panel to display all the vital parameters such as time, speed, distance, calories & heart rate.

It also boasts of heart rate sensors on the handlebars, to help you stay within your target heart rate.

  • USB Port, MP3 Speakers, Aux port and cable
  • 3-year warranty against frame
  • Wheel for transportation
  • Installed Alexa for controlled the Treadmills
  • Only 1 years warranty on Motor parts
  • Installation process needed

3. MAXPRO PTM405 2HP folding Treadmill

best treadmill india for home
Maxpro foldable treadmill

MAXPRO PTM405 treadmill one of the best selling treadmill which is available on now amazon with more than 4-star rating.

This treadmill comes with 2Hp motor and peak has up to 4 Hp with some unique features like LCD Display to show stats, mobile holder, MP3 speaker and other some cool features make its value for money product

MAXPRO treadmill have hydraulic system to safe and easily folding as well as adjustable inclined to burn more calories

Where you can adjust Speed up to 1 to 14 km/hr and can select different speed base on your physical condition and exercise based. Maximum user weight of this machine holds up to 110kg

  • Lifetime Frame warranty
  • 1 years warranty on motor and Parts
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • Bad customer service

4. PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual Treadmill

best treadmill india for home
PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual Treadmill

Powermax treadmill is one of the best manual treadmills in India in 2020 which has cost even less than Rs. 15,000 with too many unique features and 4 In 1 workout i.e. Jogger, Stepper, Twister and Push up Bar

This powermax Fitness treadmill has Five window LCD Display screen which shows the Speed, Time, Distance, Calories,

And Heart rate sensors on the handrail and easily foldable with the manual lock to move one place to another by the help of attached wheel

Powermax treadmill is made for heavy usage which can go for maximum 120 kg user weight and large 45.6″ x 13.1″ running deck with 3 Level Manual Incline for the intense workout

  • Life Time Frame Warranty
  • 4 in 1 multifunctional treadmill
  • Economically & Good build quality
  • Five Window LCD Display
  • The installation process is not easy
  • Running belt is a little noisy

5. Cockatoo CTM-05 Multi-Function Treadmill

best treadmill india for home

Cockatoo CTM-05 treadmill is one of the best treadmills in India for medium user weight that means it has a max capacity of 90kg and 1.25 HP motor which goes up to the peak of 2HP

The running surface of the treadmill is 1100 x 390 mm (43. 3″ X 15. 3″) where you can accelerate the speed 0.9km/hr to 9 km/hr according to your stamina

Some technical features make its value for money products like the LCD screen displays Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Pulse, Fat Measure

handrail pulse grips to track the heart rate during the workout. That will show user heart rate during the running time.

  • Pulse Sensors on the handrail
  • 5″ LED Display Feature
  • Fordable, Moveable & Easy Installation
  • Equipped with AUX input to listen to the music from your iPhone, Android or MP3 player
  • Bad customer care
  • Installation agents some time fails to come in a few area

6. Durafit Heavy Hike 2.5 HP treadmill

best treadmill india for home

Durafit treadmill is one of the best and most good looking beast treadmills for heavyweight user in India. which have 2.5HP motor power which is peak up to 5Hp.

Some uniqueness in this treadmill makes its more value for money like automatically 16 level Auto-Incline easily movable with the help of wheel and many more features

The large Running Area of 1270*470 mm with Run Belt Thickness of 1.8 mm and the Running Belt have Special Friction Coating for added Tractionwith Hand-Rail Controls

Durafit treadmill can boost Speed up to 1.0-16 km/hr & Vertical Hydraulic Folding System with max user weight 90kg while running and 120kg while walking

  • 3 Year Warranty on Motor, Lifetime warranty for Frame
  • Wide LCD Display showed Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse Rate
  • MP3 Player with Loud Speakers Aux Cable
  • Strong, silent motor and the smooth moving belt
  • Not for longer use i.e., you can use continuously not more than 3 hours

7. Healthgenie 3911M 1HP Foldable Motorized Treadmill

best treadmill india for home

Healthgenie treadmill is one of the best treadmill India for home use in 2020 recent time, which is pocket friendly and for a medium intense workout with 1 hp motor which goes on the peak of 2 HP.

This treadmill is for non heavier weight user that is not more than 100kg which goes on the top speed of 0.8km/hr to 10km/hr

Running surface of the treadmill in (L x B): 1100mm x 395mm (43-inch x 15 inches & Easily Foldable to maximize space usage.

Healthgenie treadmill has some decent features like led on the display which shows Time, Distance, Speed, Calories burned, Heart Rate, 12 Preset programs, MP3 Speakers, Aux Port and Aux Cable

  • 3 years warranty on Frame
  • low space consumption, easy installation
  • Big running surface
  • Max. weight users up to 100 kg
  • Only 1 years warranty on motor

8. Fitplus FSAM0709 3HP Motorized Treadmill

best treadmill india for home

Fit plus gives one of the best treadmills India with workout and diet plan once again for heavy uses with a powerful motor of 3HP goes on the 4.5 HP peak once you started the workout

Treadmill connects with the FITPLUS App which is available on the Android & IOS platforms which helps you to track your daily workout and compiles all your data in one place.

F+ App can also connect with the following Industry-leading app like Samsung Health, Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, Amazon Alexa

This fitplus treadmill have the big running surface of 1220*420 with the speed of 0.8 to 16 km/h and user max weight capacity upto 110 kg

  • 3 Years warranty on the frame part
  • Free services
  • Fitness tracker
  • Alexa control
  • Only 1-year warranty on motor
  • Need stabilizer sometime

9. Welcare WC4040 1.75HP Motorized Elderly Treadmill

best treadmill india for home

Welcare treadmill is recent launched treadmill which makes name in succesfull market by giving some unvaluble features at low price.

Its 1.75 HP Dc motor makes cools during heavy workout which has a large running surface of 122 x 40 cm length

where you can walk or run with maintaining speed which is maxed up to 6km/hr

LCD Display of the treadmill shows Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance, and Calories in the other hand MP3 Option Hear your favorite playlist songs, while you run, jog and walk. Hi-Fi Stereo MP3 audio input

  • Perfect for old age people
  • Value for money product
  • LCD display and mp3 installed
  • Not for heavy user workout
  • self lubricant not available

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Best treadmill in India for home use buying guide

Always remember right treadmill is the perfect partner for your life which keeps fit all over the time, so while choosing a treadmill you must need to know these few points which help you.

First of all, you need to know your requirement that which type of workout you gonna do, that is what you want jogging, running or walking, heavy workout or little workout?

In the other hand, you need to choose a manual treadmill or motorized treadmill, if motorized treadmill how much your weight, how much you have space at home and many more

After knowing what your exact requirements then you need to choose the brand and checking warranty period which has a maximum user capacity is more than at least 20 kg than your weight

As well as the need to keep an eye on the what’s your height and the height and running surface of the treadmill which helps in the comfortable workout.

After checking this all requirements you must remember your budget and that will help you in to make sense in that much budget how much you got featured

like heart rate, pulse rate, calories burnt, music system, Alexa installed and many more decent features which make little costly but it value for money.

We hope you get your best treadmill in India for home use, but if you have any questions you can ask in the comment section our team helps you as soon as possible

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